Vampire Action Games

Here is where you will find all kinds of Vampire shooting, action, side scrolling and slaying games to play. If it’s action you are looking for, this is the place.

Vegan Vampire

In this game, you are a Vegan Vampire trying to make his way back home to Dracula's castle before the sun comes up. Pass each leve [...]

Turn Undead

Play as a Vampire hunter in this retro side scrolling action game. You must make your way though the levels slaying all the vampir [...]

Zombies Vs Vampires

Play as Zombies fighting Vampires in this fun flash game. Rid the world of the plague of vamps so the Zombies can reign supreme.

Werewolf Vampire War

Werewolf's and Vampires have been at war for centuries. Both of which have tried to gain the upper hand in this world of mortals a [...]

Vampire Slayer

Shoot Stakes Through The Heart of the Vampire King and His Minions!

Vampire Kitten

Vampire Kitten: Kick it, boost it, combo it. Get your bundle of undead fun to fly as far as you can!Press and hold the mouse to ch [...]

Vampire Dress Up Games

Here is where you will find all of your favorite Vampire Dress up games and coloring flash games to play online.

Vamps Makeover

This young vampire is no stranger to makeovers since she can have so many living for eternity. Luckily she loves them and is at th [...]

Vampire Edward ..

A very attractive vampire boy dressup game, he is Edward from the city of the moonlight, black white color theme, with deep and qu [...]

Vampire Alice ..

A very attractive vampire girl dressup game, she is Alice from the city of the moonlight, black white color theme, with deep and q [...]


Vampiretar is a dress-up game where your goal is to create a vampire avatar. Once the avatar is finished and scored you can save i [...]

Vampiress Girl ..

Dress up the Vampire girl, or Vampiress, in this spooky dress up game for girls.

Vampire Wedding

Young Daisy is obsessed with Vampires. So much so that she wants nothing more then to have a Vampire themed wedding with her soon [...]

RPG Vampire Games

This folder has Vampire RPG or role playing games for you to play.

Vampire Scent

Play Vampire Scent, a RPG vampire game. This game features a rich story line and even actor voiceovers. Kill the evil enemies and [...]

Nosferatu Beckoning

A text-based RPG in which, instead of throwing dice to determine option sets and outcomes, the player draws cards from the tarot.C [...]

Vampire Puzzle Games

Here you can play fun vampire puzzle games, word search games and quiz games online.

Wordcross 14 ..

Can you find all the words from Twilight movie? Find all the words from the list on the right as fast as possible! Press on the le [...]

Vempi’s Sexy ..

A fun puzzle featuring an attractive vampire girl. Click any tile adjacent to the empty space to slide it into the empty space. Re [...]

Vampires From Hell

Vampires From Hell is a hidden object puzzle game. Find all the hidden objects in the level to move on to the next stage. You can [...]

vampire meets the ..

Play Vampire Meets The Halloween Ghosts. In this puzzle game, you must avoid all the stones and bubbles which will kill you. As we [...]

Vampire Cannon ..

The mission of this game is to shoot Vampires at the humans and turning them into Vampires themselves. You will however need to so [...]

Sexy Vampire Slider ..

Great sliding puzzle game with a picture of an Sexy Female Vampire. Slide the pieces into the empty spaces to create the picture. [...]

Other Vampire Games

This is where you can find Random Vampire games and any other vampire related games that don’t quite fit anywhere else.

Vampire Joke Shooter

Shoot the Bubbles to See New Vampire Jokes Funny Shooting Jokes

Vampire Ice Cream ..

Monsters love Ice Cream just as much as humans do and they've all come out for some tasty treats. Help run a Vampire ice cream sho [...]

Vampire Diaries ..

Use your memories to locate the ring you have lost before it's too late! Featuring images and video from the show!This is a hidden [...]

Vampire Castle

Play Vampire Castle. A cute little Vampire themed customization game where you get to set a Vampire scene. Use your mouse to cycle [...]

The Robert ..

10 fascinating facts about Robert Pattinson. Try this quiz and see how much you know about the hot actor. Complete the quiz and yo [...]

Dracula’s ..

Play Dracula Dentist. In this dentist game, you must clean Dracula's teeth as his trusted family dentist. Watch out though, this i [...]


The Sun for The ..

The Sun for The Vampire is a fun vampire puzzle game to play online. In this game, you play as a vampire that wants nothing more t [...]

Escape From Vampire ..

Play Escape From Vampire Room. In this escape room style game, you find yourself trapped in a Vampire's liar. Use your mouse to in [...]
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