By: Jillian Baker

Group shot of the cast of CW's Vampire Diaries

Fan’s of the CW hit seriers The Vampire Diaries may know some of these facts about the cast and show, but will you know all of them?  Here are 16 facts you might not know about your favorite show.  How many did you already know?


Filming Locations

1) The pilot episode of Vampire Diaries was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia for it’s eerie qualities and woods, however after the show was picked up by CW, the filming was moved to Covington, Georgia to take advantage of tax incentives.


2) Only three actors have appeared in every episode of The Vampire Diaries. Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder have appeared in all 125 episodes.

Casting Decisions

3) While casting for The Vampire Diaries there were a few stars that where approached. Producers wanted to audition Ashley Tisdale who turned down their audition offer.

4) Neve Campbell was for a time being considered for the role of Isobel Flemming, but was later replaced with Mia Kirshner.

5) The CW Network originally wanted Ashlee Simpson to play the role of Elena Gilbert and was very close to getting the role until producers became fixated on the audition tape of Nina Dobrev and realized she’d be perfect fro the role.

6) Elena must have been a tough role to cast since they also auditioned Alexandra Chando a whopping four times and still didn’t give her the part.

7) Producer Kevin Williamson who created the TV show Dawson’s Creek wanted to work with James Van Der Beek again and was looking to cast him as Alaric Saltzman, but was eventually replaced with Matthew Davis.

8) Before landing the role of Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhlader auditioned for the role of Jason Stackhouse in HBO’s True Blood, but lost out to Ryan Kwanten. I guess Ian must have Vampire roles flowing in his blood!

9) Stephen Amell auditioned for the roles of Mason Lockwood and Elijah, but was cast as Werewolf Brady and then moved on to the CW Series Arrow.

Retro 90’s

10) In season 6 of the Vampire Diaries, every show title is also the title of a 90’s song. Examples include Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun, Green Day’s Welcome to Paradise and Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral.

Who You Gonna Call?

11) In Season 2, episode 12, Isobel’s cell phone number was shown. Fans that actually called her number at 919-399-2507 were treated with a recorded message from Stefan, Elena and Damon.

Vampire Blood Drive

12) The Vampire Diaries and The Red Cross teamed up in 2009 to help with a new blood drive campaign. Their crossover slogan was “Starve a Vampire, Donate blood.” As well the CW gave away free Vampire Diaries t-shirts at high schools to students who donated blood.

Check out the campaign.


Favorite Episode

13) Nina Dobrev’s favourite episode of Vampire Diaries is Lost Girl from Season 1, episode 6.

Books vs. Television

14)  The VD books feature other super natural things like angels and hell dimensions, the producers have decided they don’t want to move towards that direction and keep a limit on how supernatural the show is.

Love Life

15) Although it’s rarely a good idea to date co-workers, Candice Accola has done so twice. Once dating co-star Steven McQueen in 2010 and then again dating Zach Roerig in 2011.

16) Taylor Kinney who plays Mason Lockwood is engaged to pop superstar Lady Gaga. The two first met when Taylor appeared in her music video for the song You and I in 2011.

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