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facts about televisions  buffy the vampire slayer

It’s been 18 years since Buffy The Vampire Slayer first appeared on TV, but fans are still rabid as ever.  To celebrate televisions greatest Vampire show 18 years later, we present 18 facts about Buffy The Vampire Slayer you might not have known.  Enjoy.


Cost of Dusting Vamps

1) During the late 90’s and early 2000’s, CGI just wasn’t what it is today. Everytime a vampire got dusted, it cost $5,000 just to do the special effect.

2) 157 Vampires where killed over seven seasons of Buffy, costing the show $785,000 in special effects costs to dust them.

3) Over seven seasons of Buffy the total death count was 157 Vampires, 74 Demons and 18 Humans.


Episode Facts

4) Even though the show is Buffy The Vampire Slayer, there are eight episodes that don’t have any vampires in them whatsoever. These episodes include Witch, The Pack, I robot…You, Jane, The Puppet Show, Inca Mummy Girl, Living Conditions, Fear Itself and Beer Bad.

5) You would think every season would include a Halloween episode, but only the even numbered seasons have a Halloween episode.

6) Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) and Alyson Hannigan (Willow) are the only two actors to appear in all 144 episodes of Buffy. Nicholas Brendon (Xander) comes in a close second place having been in 143 episodes.

7) Sunnydale High School is also the same school used in the Original Beverly Hills 90210 as well as countless other movies and TV shows.


Casting Facts

8) Sarah Michelle Gellar was actually auditioning for the role of Cordelia Chase and Charisma Carpenter who plays Cordelia originally auditioned for Buffy.

9) Hands down Sarah Michelle Gellar was the best pick to play Buffy, but Katie Holmes and Selma Blair where also considered for the title role.

10) A few of the actresses that auditioned to play Buffy and lost out to Sarah Michelle Gellar ended up getting other roles in the show. These include Julie Benz (Darla), Elizabeth Anne Allen (Amy Madison), Julia Lee (Anne) and Mercedes McNab (Harmony Kendall).

11) When James Marsters auditioned for the role of Spike, he did so with a Texas accent. This of course was changed to a London accent and Marsters was coached on his accent by costar Anthony Stewart Head.

12) Nicholas Brendon was not the first choice to play Xander. The role was first offered to Ryan Reynolds who turned it down due to his own high school trauma.

13) Nathan Fillion first auditioned to play the role of Angel, but was later given the role of Caleb.


Buffy Guest Star Facts

14) Sarah Michelle Gellar’s husband Freddie Prinze Jr. almost landed a guest spot playing Dracula in season 5.

15) Britney Spear’s was all set to do a guest spot in season 5 playing April the robot, but unfortunately was unable to due to her schedule.


Joss Whedon Facts

16) Joss Whedon comes from a long line of television script writers. Both his father and grandfather wrote for TV. His father Tom wrote scripts for TV’s The Golden Girls.

17) Before Buffy, Joss Whedon’s first incarnation of Buffy was titled “Rhonda, the Immortal Waitress“.


Bonus Fact

18) Christopher Nolan was such a fan of how David Boreanaz played Angel, that he offered him the role of Batman. Boreanaz ended up turning down the role which went to Christian Bale.

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