By: Jillian Baker

tattoo couple

There are Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans and then there are Buffy fanatics.  Why let someone think you could possibly be a Buffy poseur when you can show them your 100% devotion to the show. And what better way to do so then with a tattoo.  Because much like Vampires, tattoos are forever.

Here are some Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tattoo ideas:

 The Subtle Buffy Fan Tattoo

You love all things Buffy and consider yourself almost one of the Scoobies, but you don’t necessarily want to broadcast it to the world (this world or any alternate one for that matter). Look for something discreet and low key.  A tattoo that could either be hidden on the body or obscure enough of a reference that the common person wouldn’t notice, but any true Buffy fan will stop and talk to you about.

The stylized B from the Buffy logo is a perfect example.

Buffy Logo Tattoo on Girl

Or evan the Mutant Enemy logo from Joss Whedon’s production company doesn’t scream “I’m a Buffy fan” to norms, but will get you some instant kudos from true Buffy fans.

Mutant Enemy Joss Whedon Buffy Tattoo

Buffy Quote Tattoos

There are about a million you could chose from.  Maybe there was a phrase that really sunk in for you or got you through your high school years.

Or you could do one like this Tattoo taken from Buffy Summers in Season 5.  “The hardest thing in this world is to live in it”.

The Hardest Thing In This World Is To Live In It Buffy Tattoo

Or even something from a secondary character like Faith with her saying “Five by five”.

Faith five by five tattoo

The Not Messing Around Buffy Tattoo

Or if you are hardcore and are fanatical about Buffy The Vampire Slayer, why not just go all out and get one of the characters tattooed on your body.

Maybe just a simple Buffy Summers.

Tattoo of Buffy Summers / Sarah Michelle Gellar

Or maybe a Buffy and Spike love scene.

tattoo of buffy and spike from buffy the vampire slayer

Or heck, why not get as much of the cast as you can fit on your body!

tattoo of the cast of buffy the vampire slayer

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