By: Britt Stephens

 Sexy halloween vampire costumes for women

October is just a month away and that means Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s definitely time to think about your Halloween costume for this year. If you are still debating what your costume will be, why not look into something Vampire themed.

Here are some Vampire costumes idea’s for women.

The Classic Vampire Costume

Womens Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas - Victorian Era Vampire

The look for the Classic Vampire Halloween costume is all about the Victorian era. You want something elegant, sexy and a but menacing. Think long, flowing Victorian era dresses, but with gothic flair. For color schemes, look for something with lots of black with deep red accents. Lace, velvet and corsets also go a long way for the classic vamp look.

This look works for women of all sizes and shapes. From petite to plus size, you will look glamourous and sexy. The classic vampire costume is especially great for upscale Halloween parties or any party where you would be enjoying a bloody martini.

The Starlet Vampire Costume

halloween vampire starlet costume ideas for females

If you’re a fan of Vampires, pin up girls, the 1940’s and classic horror movies, then the Starlet Vampire look is for you. You will want to look for Halloween costumes based on some of the Hollywood’s hottest vamps from days gone by. Try costumes based on Hollywood characters like The Addams Family Morticia Addams for a more conservative look or Elvira, Mistress of The Dark if you want to show some skin. While other vampire costumes contain red and purple accents, the Starlet Vampire is all about black, black and even more black.

The Sexy Vampire Costume

sexy vampire halloween costumes for women

The Sexy Vampire costume is for that woman that wants to stand out and find a victim to sink her teeth into. It’s all about hypnotizing a victim with her beauty. This halloween costume is for a woman that is %110 comfortable with her body as you want to show as much skin as humanly possible. The shorter, skimpier and less material used in this costume, the better. You will definitely want something that shows off your cleavage, legs, mid-riff and strikes fear in the hearts of men everywhere.

The Cheap Vampire or Last Minute Vampire Costume


So all of a sudden you realize that Halloween is tomorrow or perhaps you are just plain old broke. Whatever the case, the Cheap Vampire halloween costume will be your saving grace. All you need is a small amount of fake blood to put on the side of your mouth trickling downwards, a pair of $2 plastic vampire fangs and viola, your a mistress of the undead. If you want to kick it up a notch and have a Twilight look, just add on some glitter to your face to give you that healthy Twilight sparkle.

Happy Halloween everybody.

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