By: Kevin Durant

Vampire Store  Boutique Du Vampyre in New Orleans

Photo By: Quinn Dombrowski / CC By

Whether or not you are a vampire, New Orleans should be a destination you should visit at least once in your life. It’s a beautiful city filled with a rich history, old world architecture, great live music, a buzzing nightlife and is home to America’s only real Vampire store – Boutique du Vampyre, which is nestled in the French Quarter.

Located at 709 1/2 Ann St. in New Orleans, Boutique du Vampyre made their mark on the city selling Vampire clothing and apparel, a range of gothic jewellery and custom fangs, as well they offer tarot card readings. At one point only they were only open to Vampires, but in 2001 they opened their doors to humans and vamps alike.

Described by some as a kitschy shop, Boutique du Vampyre has plenty of items you won’t see elsewhere and is a perfect spot to shop for that special vampire in your life. If you can’t make it to New Orleans, but you really should, you can still shop with them on their online store. Where else are you going to find items like a Vampire energy drink, vampyre vodka or even custom made coffin guitar cases. They also sell hand carved stakes, which seems pretty odd that vampires would sell a weapon to kill other vampires.

There are many more spots in New Orleans to visit for vampires and non vamps, but a stop at Boutique du Vampyre should definitely be a part of your itinerary.

Click here to check out their online store.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the nice review. I’m the owner of Boutique du Vampyre, Marita Crandle, and I surely appreciate your nice comments. If you followers make it to New Orleans, and mention they found us on the Vampire game room sight, we will give them a property Nawlins hello, and gift them one of our vampire adventure maps, so they can find other vampire related places to visit in the French Quarter, and a temporary bite tattoo – as they are now part of the family! Sincerely, Marita

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