By: Bryan Sutherland

vampire wedding day

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Wedding bells are ringing! Or maybe it’s the death bell that tolls. Either way if you are searching for a life partner, seal the deal vampire style with a vampire themed wedding. To keep your ceremony consistent, follow these wedding tips for the perfect Vampire wedding that you can take to the grave.


Vampire Brides:

Black dresses will keep you looking the part.  There are perks to wearing fabrics shaded like the shadows and the darker the better. You will be able to drink as much blood as you want without fear of stains and surprise guests from the dark corners of the room. You can even sneak a bite if you need a pick-me-up before the long wedding service ahead. The bridesmaids should match your look and be considered a part of your evil army for the night to do your bidding and round up victims. If you are booking a hall to host the event, consider an old church from the Gothic era. Vaulted ceilings and expansive heights will set the perfect mood of epic proportions. As well, do not forget to toss a bouquet down those echoing halls. All the bridesmaids will be itching to catch this item so it might as well uphold some dark ideas. Consider deep red roses to keep the theme of blood running through everyones mind, and leave the thorns on if you want some true spillage. Shrivelled up dead flowers stolen from a graveyard could also hammer home the idea that this union of love represents an eternity outside of death. Just don’t get hung up on doing your own makeup… mirror’s don’t exactly work on your type.


Vampire Grooms:

Coffin shaped cufflinks, bat winged tuxedo… there are many options to keep you looking like a dark prince of the night. Take a tip from Dracula, and slick your hair back with some gel and polish those fangs. Tired of tuxedos? How about a cape! Of greatest importance is how you carry yourself. Do not slink around like a creepy blood sucker. Stand tall and proud; this is your day to meet your bride with a confident strut. A nice pair of shoes can ensure a comfortable swagger, so do not cheap out on the kicks… unless you are prepared to float down the aisle. When choosing a wedding ring make sure it does not reflect too much light which is irritating to vampires. Look into some alternative gems like a dark quartz or black tourmaline, maybe on a ring made of bone or wood. However, if you honestly feel that “diamonds are forever” ensure you source your diamonds consciously. “Blood diamonds” may sound like a vampire oriented item but they actually refer to diamonds sourced from ruthless mines in war torn areas most commonly found throughout Africa. The slave labour is carried out by people of all ages, (even children) in villages that exist solely to generate profit for a warlord or invading military regime. Canada has strict policies against trading with these illegal diamond mines and mostly sticks to its own diamond sources in the Northwest Territories. So invest in some local diamonds and feel good knowing they were mined justly. Your bride will definitely appreciate your awareness, and together your love can prosper with a look that says “I do”.

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