By: Britt Stephens

male halloween vampire costume ideas

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about costumes. If you are a man looking to dress up as Dracula or a Vampire this October, here are a few costume idea’s to keep in mind. Remember, with each costume, the main secret for any man dressing up as a Vamp to keep in mind is to make sure to wear mascara around the eye’s to get sunken, dead eye’s. It will go a long way no matter which costume you settle on.


The Classic Vampire Costume

male-classic-vampire-costumesThe classic Vampire or Dracula look is fairly easy to pull off. For the costume you will either need just a black cape or a black tuxedo, of course you can always use both. Make sure to slick all of your hair back and use plenty of gel to give it a wet look and keep it in place. For the face, apply lots of white makeup to make sure you look as pale as can be. A little fake blood around the mouth and black lipstick will go a long way with this costume. The best part about the classic Vampire look is that you can make it scary or really cheesy. Both are acceptable.


The Royal Vampire Costume

mens royalty vampire costume ideas

For the royal Vampire or Dracula look think elegance. You will want to find a costume with deep dark colors like red or purple and lots of black. The royal look consists of formal wear, including a vest and a cape. To really complete the look, make sure the cape extends out around the neckline. To really tie the look together, add a medallion necklace that looks like something given to royalty or a mid century soldier. A top hat or a 18th century gentleman’s cane will really kick the costume up a few notches.


The Sexy Vampire Costume

sexy male vampire halloween costume ideas

For women, the sexy Vampire look is really easy and can be found at stores everywhere. For men, it’s still pretty easy, but you won’t find as many costumes in the store and may need to improvise a bit. The general rule of thumb for sexy costumes is less is more, but as a male Vampire, you don’t necessarily need to show a lot of skin to get the sexy Vampire look. You can easily just wear a cape and show off your chest and ab’s (if you have them). But if you don’t have a roman soldiers body, you are better off looking for low cut v-neck shirts to add to the cape. Another idea is to get a white button up puffy shirt or black dress shirt and undo as many buttons as you feel comfortable with. If you already have long hair, your outfit will be complete. If not, be sure to buy a wig with long black or blonde locks and viola, you will transform into a sexy vampire of the night.

Happy Halloween everybody.

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