Cool Vampire Stuff - Vampire Killing Kit

Todays cool vampire stuff is a Vampire Killing Kit.  If you’ve ever wanted to become a vampire hunter or are just plain old afraid of a pending vampire attack, this item is for you.

This vampire kit can be yours for $36 on ebay and features all kinds of anti-vampire items, all in a slick carrying case.


The vampire killing kit contains everything you need to kill and attract a vampire including:

  • Holy Water (to fend off a vampire)
  • Garlic Water (to repel a vampire or to put on your neck to keep it from biting you)
  • Dirt from Transylvania (the dirt will attract a vampire)
  • A hand carved wooden stake (for slaying a vampire)
  • And instructions on how to dispatch a vampire.

The vampire killing kit would also make a great gag gift or would make a perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of the vampire culture.  Check it out.

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