vampire repellent self defence pepper spray

Here’s something a little fun and different.

A self defence company has upped the stakes of personal safety by introducing Vampire Repellent, which will keep you safe from humans and vampires alike. It’s a regular 10% pepper spray that you would use for protecting yourself, but this pepper spray also includes garlic just incase your assaulter also happens to be a vamp!


vampire pepper spray with garlic

The vampire repellent sells for US $9.99 on eBay, however due to local regulations it cannot be shipped to NY, MA, WI, MI or Canada. If you don’t live in one of these area’s and are planning on protecting yourself from a vampire attack or looking for a fun novelty gift to give to a vampire fan, this would make for a fun little gift.

So stay safe and watch out for vampires!

Click here to buy vampire repellent.

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