By: Jillian Baker

Vampire Girl With tattoo 

Are you looking to get some fresh ink done? Why not get a vampire tattoo? There are literally thousands of vampire tattoo’s you can get, but which one is right for you? Before you run off and get yourself some Twilight inspired ink, here are some tattoo idea’s that won’t get you laughed at amongst other vampire fans.


Blade Inspired Vampire Clan Glyphs

Tattoo Ideas From The movie and TV Show Blade

In the vampire action movie Blade, humans who belong to a vampire carry a tattoo on them to signify who their owner is. Much like cattle, these human servants have been branded with an identifier to show who they belong to. Vampires usually stay together in groups, family’s, covens or clans depending on what word you wish to use. In order to let other Vampire groups know that a human is off limits, they will have their clan tattooed on the person. Much like the mafia, this is to let other vamps know that this is a made man and not to be messed with.


Vampire Identifier Tattoos

Vampire Identifier Tattoos

If you self identify as an actual vampire, you should look into getting a glyph tattoo that let’s others know about what kind of vampire you are. Whether you are the head of a vamp family, a protector, practice magic or are a dangerous vampire, there is a tattoo for you.


Vampire Runes

Vampire Runes and Symbols

Amongst vampire culture there are many symbols used to represent words and letters. Here is an example of the different runes you could tattoo in order to represent something such as “sorrow” or “death” or even spell out your own word that best represents you as a person………. or vampire.


Fang Scars

Vampire Bite Marks Tattoo

Fang scars or bite marks are a fun and simple tattoo idea best used on the neck. Consisting of two black holes with a slight amount of blood dripping from them, they let everyone know that you are serious about vampire culture and consider yourself someone’s sire.


Tattoos of Vampires

Tattoo of Classic Dracula

These are tricky as you don’t want to get a tattoo of a vampire that is just a fad. You don’t want to explain to people 20 years from now who Vampire Bill is. If you are looking to get an actual vampire from pop culture tattooed on your body for the rest of your mortal life, you should really stick to the time tested classics. You might want to stick to something classic, like Bela Lugosi who starred as Dracula in the original 1931 movie of the same name.

Another idea is to take someone from pop culture that you love and transform them into a vampire tattoo. Like this tattoo of Marilyn Monroe for example.

Tattoo of Marilyn Monroe as a Vampire

Get Creative

Why not gather some inspiration from these tattoo’s and create your own? Even if you are not the best artist, you can try putting your ideas on paper and getting one of your artist friends or the tattoo artist make your idea come to life. On the plus side, you’ll be the only one with the tattoo and will instantly get vampire cred over all your friends that have the same tattoo’s as other people in the world. And why not? Most stories of Vampires are legend and fiction, so why not add your own chapter to the story.

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