By: Eli Karlin

vampries vs werewolves

In the mythical realm of creatures that prey on humans, there are two that are very well known. These creatures of the night have been spotted for generations, in many countries terrorizing villagers and animals alike. They are none other than Vampires and Werewolves.  Since there are too many versions of folklore for one single description of these creatures of horror, why don’t we take a look at the most relative and known aspects.

In most mainstream media the two are portrayed as mortal enemies always destined to be a thorn in each other’s backside. In all the haste to destroy one another, we often forget about who they are.

Vampires are generally immortal, except for silly little things like garlic, silver and of course the dreaded sunlight. With pale skin, fangs, and the inability to hang out in the sun, vampires are often thought of as sophisticated or high society. While commonly known for drinking human blood, there has been mention of vampires living off the blood of animals or synthetic blood especially in recent depictions such as HBO’s True Blood. Some say that one bite and their victim will be turned into a vampire, while others say there is a process of becoming a vampire and a single bite just won’t do it.

According to popular culture in vampire society, if a vampire comes out in the day they start burning, melting or exploding, so because of this they tend to stay indoors or only come out at night. Earlier we spoke about Vampire weaknesses, so lets talk about some of their strengths. Vampires are often depicted as incredibly fast and strong, as well in some folk tales they can also fly or turn into bats.
Unlike Vampires, Werewolves (also known as Lycanthrope) are not immortal and are regular humans that can shape shift or change into a wolf like creature. While some will say humans change into werewolves involuntarily by the moon cycle, others agree that they have the choice to change. Another often-debated subject is the size of a werewolf. They can be as large as a car or as small as a regular wolf. Typically werewolves are incredibly strong, fast and have almost no weakness while in wolf form. Legend says that werewolves can be killed with silver fashioned weapons, but good luck because you would need a lot of silver to take down such a large beast.
There are a few methods in becoming a werewolf. A current werewolf has to scratch you or you can put on a wolfskin belt. However some may say rubbing a magic salve can do the same, but who has a magic salve lying around. Unlike vampires and their high society, werewolves are often depicted as low class or second citizens in the mythical world.
For a great look into the werewolf or vampire world check out some of todays media portrayals such as True Blood or The Vampire Diaries. At the end of the day there are many differences between vampires and werewolves. Some are on the V team and some on team wolf, either way you don’t want to be trapped in an elevator with either of them.

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