Play Pac Adventure Dracula’s Castle, a hilarious and fun Vampire game based on the classic video game Pac-Man.

In Pac Adventure, you play as Pac whose girlfriend has been kidnapped by Dracula and it’s up to you to save her.  To do this, you must head into Dracula’s castle and go through level after level of mazes.

It’s in the style of Pac-Man, but the big major difference is that each level has a different set-up instead of repeating the same game tiles game after game.

The game is very easy with controls.  All you need is the arrow keys to move to the desired direction.  In each level you want to collect as many gems, garlic and other items you find.  In order to make it to the next level you need to obtain the key which will open the lock of the same color.  But watch out for the Vampires that roam the castle.  Each time they touch you, you will lose health.  Lose it all and the game is over.  As well Dracula’s castle is also filled with booby traps like spikes that come out of the floor which will also give you damage.

There are also puzzle aspects to the game.  In the bonus levels you will see boxes that block your path.  You can move this boxes into empty squares to access the gems behind them.  But you must be careful as if you move the boxes the wrong way, you can accidently block the gems.  So be sure you take a second to figure out the right way to move the boxes so you can grab all the gems.

The Vampires that guard Dracula’s castle are all on predestined movements, so sometimes it might be beneficial to take a second to see the path’s that they take.

All in all, this is a super fun game.  A great twist on an already classic game.  Try it out and you’ll see for yourself.  How far will you get?  Will you save Pac’s girlfriend?  Enter, if you dare.

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