Play Shoot The Vampires.  A silly and fun flash game where you must shoot and kill Vampire Bats.

The game takes place in the woods and the premise of Shoot The Vampires is that you are a hunter out looking for ducks to shoot when you come across a Vampire hive.  Now all the Vampire’s have turned into bats to fly away into the neighboring towns and you are the last hope to kill them before they feed of the local villagers.  I know, sounds silly right.

Although the game is silly, it’s kinda fun and a little addictive.  Each level you get a time limit, an amount of Vampire bats you need to kill and a limited amount of ammo to shoot them with.  As each level increases so will the number of kills and amount of ammo.  You do want to stay away from shooting any of the birds that come across the screen as they will end the game right away.

The thing I like about this game is that it takes your conventional shooting game and adds the Vampire spin to it.  Not the best game to play by any means, but still pretty fun.  The one detraction from the game is the fact that you have to extinguish your ammo before you can reload.  I always prefer to be able to reload at my leisure, but this isn’t a deal breaker.

All and all this game is fun if you are looking for something to play for 5-10mins. Give Shoot The Vampires a shot and see for yourself.  Enjoy.

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