Vampire Game Room Privacy Policy


Effective June 2013

Our Commitment To Privacy

We here at Vampire Game Room are serious about your online privacy and keeping your information private.

That is why we don’t ask you to log-in to play our games.  We don’t feel the need to collect any email address or other information about you.  But if you do decide to register with the site, know that your information will never be sold or shared to anyone.

Information That Is Collected

Since we use Google to serve our ad’s a few pieces of data are collected or stored on your computer.  This includes:

Cookies – Google, as well as third party services that access the google network use cookies to determine what advertisements to show based on your search history.  This is DoubleClick cookie that you can find in the list of cookies in your web browser.

But I don’t Want That Information Collected

No problems.  There are a few things that can be done.  1 is to browse in private mode (Firefox) or incognito mode (Chrome).  The second option is to opt out of the collection of cookies. You can do this by visiting Google  to change your preferences or opt out at

If you have any more questions regarding our policies or anything concerned with your online privacy you may e-mail privacy [at] vampiregameroom dot com.

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