Play Vampire Killer.  It’s a fun vampire game that’s just as easy as it is silly.  The concept is pretty easy.  Vampire Killer is set up like a shooting range using vampire heads as target practice.  The heads will fly by in random patterns and you must use your mouse to aim and click to shoot the flying heads.  You only have 60 seconds per game to shoot as many vampires as possible before time runs out, so it’s a great game to play if you just want to kill some time or if you have a bit of downtime at work for a quick game.  Your score will increase with each head you shoot.  Once time runs out, thats it.  The only thing about this game I don’t like is that you can only reload when your gun runs out of bullets and not before.  reload using the spacebar.  Give it a try.  The game is pretty stupid, but good for a few games.  Enjoy.

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